Our school


Our school is situated in a greenbelt in the south of Duisburg at the edge of the Ruhr area. Nearly 1400 pupils share their school-life with approximately 130 teachers.

We start in class 5 (pupils aged 10 to 11) with English as the first foreign language. In class 6 Latin, French or Italian are the second, and in class 8  Spanish can be chosen as a third foreign language. From class 10 on we offer the opportunity to learn Italian as a third or fourth language. Most pupils finish their school career with the “Abitur” after 12 years.

As a rule school in Germany ends at lunchtime; in addition to this we offer afternoon lessons, in which pupils are especially fostered in languages and Math. Apart from this there is a broad range of clubs and activities.

Since the school year 2001/2002 we have a bilingual track in which for the first two years pupils have two additional English lessons per week, after that subjects like Geography, History, Politics or Biology are taught in English. Since the school year 2007/08 we also offer a scientific track. In the first three years there are additional lessons in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, in classes 8 and 9 the focus lies on “bionics”.

We can of course have lunch in our “Mensa” (school cafeteria).

Many projects, some of them outside school, complete our curriculum. One focus of these projects is the introduction into the world of work, which takes place four times in classes 6 to 11. The “day of sports”, children´s festival, music and theatre presentations are further attractive complements of our school life.